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What Do You Guys In Cash Gifting Know About Capture Pages?

For some of you it's somewhere in between a whole-little to a whole-lot. No matter the case, somewhere, at some point in time, your going to be needing one or two of them to capture all of the Names and E-mail addresses of people who may be interested in reading up on "Cash Gifting" within your site. At this point in time, if your just starting out in your very own "Cash Gifting Program", it'll be best that you not worry about a Capture Page at this very moment

With so little traffic coming your way, in the beginning, it would be best to let the few readers, to your site, have free access to it. It's not until you start getting some heavy traffic coming to your site, that it is best to set up a Capture Page for it. Just use this information as a reference sheet for the time being.

As we've established, in the very beginning, Capture Pages are used to receive the names and e-mail addresses of those who are highly interested in reading what it is that you have to say about Cash Gifting. What you don't want to do is use the same-old-one they gave to you with your "Gifting Program". This is what is referred to as a "replicated capture page". Its a Capture Page, but its just owned by the people who created the Cash Gifting Program that your in.

If your in ALS, then it's the picture with the red car in front of it.

As nice as people at ALS, or any other Cash Gifting Program, out there are, your still better off having your own Capture Pages. You never know. A glitch may occur and all of the sudden {poof!} the people that your suppose to get to your site, you get no more. Additionally, don't make an even worse mistake by getting a free capture page from a freeware site. In the majority of cases, the name of their company is written in bold print on the capture page that you've downloaded for free from them.

Thus, distracting the people away from the theme of your message and focusing solely on what it is that they have to sell. Your not selling anything, so forget about such a Capture Page and get something that will get your readers solely focused on what it is that's within your site. So create one for yourself.

To do this, there are many options available as options and choices to you. Instant-Capture-Page and Marketing Burst are just a few good companies out there who will allow you to create one without having a company logo all over it. No HTML coding is required with either of them, so it should be a breeze to create a Capture Page with the both of them. For those of you who are thinking about joining up with either one of them.

Here's the just on the both of them.

One offers you the option of creating a Capture Page for free. While the other one gives you a lesson in how to drive traffic to your site along with a Capture Page as an added benefit. For those of you who haven't received from their Cash Gifting Program, as of yet, just go ahead and use Instant-Capture-Page because it is free. After, a while you could probably try out Marketing Burst. With all of that said, let's move on to what's behind every good Capture Page.

What's Behind Every Good Capture Page

Behind every good Capture Page there is a good List-Builder and an Auto-Responder. The best part about it is that you don't have to have an Aweber account in order to have one. Aweber is a List-Builder and an Auto-Responder builder, built into one. You have to pay for Aweber's services. For those of you looking for a totally free way of having a List-Builder with an Auto-Responder like function, just use a totally brand new Gmail account or Hotmail account.

For you newbies who aren't familiar with what a List-Builder is, it's just software that holds the Names and E-mails of people who've typed their information into your Capture Page or pages from before. That's all. For those of you who aren't familiar with what an Auto-Responder is, it's just an e-mail, that the List-Builder you are using, sends out to the people who are on your list.

Putting It All Together

Okay, here's how it all comes together. Take the Free Capture Page you've created off of Instant-Capture-Page and connect it with either a different Gmail account or different Hotmail account. Once some one places there names into your capture page it goes directly into your newly created e-mail account. Just hit the reply button after their information shows up within the e-mail, so that you'll have a back up of their information within either Gmail or Hotmail.

When your ready to begin your E-mail Marketing, after your name of people has built up just do a Bcc and it will send it out to everyone on your list. It's just that simple. This will work with both Gmail and Hotmail e-mail accounts. Just take this information and apply it, somewhere within the "Cash Gifting Process", and you shall have good success.

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