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What Do You Guys In Cash Gifting Know About Capture Pages?

For some of you it's somewhere in between a whole-little to a whole-lot. No matter the case, somewhere, at some point in time, your going to be needing one or two of them to capture all of the Names and E-mail addresses of people who may be interested in reading up on "Cash Gifting" within your site. At this point in time, if your just starting out in your very own "Cash Gifting Program", it'll be best that you not worry about a Capture Page at this very moment

With so little traffic coming your way, in the beginning, it would be best to let the few readers, to your site, have free access to it. It's not until you start getting some heavy traffic coming to your site, that it is best to set up a Capture Page for it. Just use this information as a reference sheet for the time being.

As we've established, in the very beginning, Capture Pages are used to receive the names and e-mail addresses of those who are highly interested in reading what it is that you have to say about Cash Gifting. What you don't want to do is use the same-old-one they gave to you with your "Gifting Program". This is what is referred to as a "replicated capture page". Its a Capture Page, but its just owned by the people who created the Cash Gifting Program that your in.

If your in ALS, then it's the picture with the red car in front of it.

As nice as people at ALS, or any other Cash Gifting Program, out there are, your still better off having your own Capture Pages. You never know. A glitch may occur and all of the sudden {poof!} the people that your suppose to get to your site, you get no more. Additionally, don't make an even worse mistake by getting a free capture page from a freeware site. In the majority of cases, the name of their company is written in bold print on the capture page that you've downloaded for free from them.

Thus, distracting the people away from the theme of your message and focusing solely on what it is that they have to sell. Your not selling anything, so forget about such a Capture Page and get something that will get your readers solely focused on what it is that's within your site. So create one for yourself.

To do this, there are many options available as options and choices to you. Instant-Capture-Page and Marketing Burst are just a few good companies out there who will allow you to create one without having a company logo all over it. No HTML coding is required with either of them, so it should be a breeze to create a Capture Page with the both of them. For those of you who are thinking about joining up with either one of them.

Here's the just on the both of them.

One offers you the option of creating a Capture Page for free. While the other one gives you a lesson in how to drive traffic to your site along with a Capture Page as an added benefit. For those of you who haven't received from their Cash Gifting Program, as of yet, just go ahead and use Instant-Capture-Page because it is free. After, a while you could probably try out Marketing Burst. With all of that said, let's move on to what's behind every good Capture Page.

What's Behind Every Good Capture Page

Behind every good Capture Page there is a good List-Builder and an Auto-Responder. The best part about it is that you don't have to have an Aweber account in order to have one. Aweber is a List-Builder and an Auto-Responder builder, built into one. You have to pay for Aweber's services. For those of you looking for a totally free way of having a List-Builder with an Auto-Responder like function, just use a totally brand new Gmail account or Hotmail account.

For you newbies who aren't familiar with what a List-Builder is, it's just software that holds the Names and E-mails of people who've typed their information into your Capture Page or pages from before. That's all. For those of you who aren't familiar with what an Auto-Responder is, it's just an e-mail, that the List-Builder you are using, sends out to the people who are on your list.

Putting It All Together

Okay, here's how it all comes together. Take the Free Capture Page you've created off of Instant-Capture-Page and connect it with either a different Gmail account or different Hotmail account. Once some one places there names into your capture page it goes directly into your newly created e-mail account. Just hit the reply button after their information shows up within the e-mail, so that you'll have a back up of their information within either Gmail or Hotmail.

When your ready to begin your E-mail Marketing, after your name of people has built up just do a Bcc and it will send it out to everyone on your list. It's just that simple. This will work with both Gmail and Hotmail e-mail accounts. Just take this information and apply it, somewhere within the "Cash Gifting Process", and you shall have good success.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Insightful Information About Blogs, For Gifters

If your not a "blog" user, then this just may not apply to you. However, despite this, hang around anyway. You may just get something out of this. This is especially true if your new, to the idea of "Gifting", and your thinking about joining up with a "Cash Gifting Program" sometime soon. So, sit down and take a seat (or) take a seat and sit down because, today, were going to go over "blogs" from a different angle.

Were first going to go over blogging issues that you usually won't hear about on a day-to-day basis. In following, we'll be going over things that you shouldn't be doing with blogs. If your not using a blog, do so because your losing out on a lot of focused and targeted traffic. To understand some of the other basics that surround blogs, also read "The How To On Cash Gifting Blogs" and additionally read "It's Mad Simple, Want To Do Cash Gifting Full Time?". Besides the fact, let's get things started with issues concerning blogs, shall we.

Have you ever in your life heard of anything referred to as a 404 error? Well, if you haven't, then it is best that we go over it, right now, so that in the future you won't be caught off guard. This applies to anyone using BlogSpot,,, Joomla, Drupal, BlinkWeb, and any other (CMS) providers that allow you to create content and then post it onto the web.

Okay, let's begin with what a "404 error message" is. Basically, put, it's an error that occurs when something, off of your site, goes missing. You don't want to see one of these after you've worked so many hours upon your site. If your accustomed to changing and renaming things within your blog site, chances are, you may encounter one of these errors. If, by chance, you do, then you'll need to send off a (302 redirect) in order to resolve this problem. Just send off a quick e-mail to whom ever your (CMS) Content Management System provider is, and ask them to send you information on how to perform a (302 redirect). Now, onto issue number two, which is Malware.

Malware, in a majority of cases, is something, that's usually associated with PC based issues such as viruses and the like. However, because Malware is a software based issue, blogs are also effected, individually. If you've ever heard of a plugin referred to by the name of BlogLinker, don't use it. It's Malware software. It'll affect any blog that it happens to be connected too. It's so bad that a lot of BlogSpot users have gotten their sites banned by Google for using it as a plug in.

Additionally, if your friends site has it, unlink from them as quickly as possible because your at risk. Fortunately, Google, being the nice company that it is has decided to give anyone who has taken this approach a chance. Just go to Bloggers Help Forum and this issue should be resolved relatively easily. All BlogLinker does is drive traffic to your site very quickly. Now, onto the issue of traffic exchanges.

Shame on you, if your using it. Sorry for being so blunt but it's the truth. First, off, your traffic is un-targeted and, second of all, your getting a bunch of un-interested people coming over to your blog site. If you ever want anyone coming over to your site, who are truly interested in joining up with your Cash Gifting Program, your going to have to get targeted traffic. Your not going to get that with traffic exchanges. On top of that, your going to get rammed down by Google for doing so. So refrain from using any sort of traffic exchange techniques, period. Now, onto hack issues.

Hacks are somewhat common among blogs that don't get updated, periodically. If you only update your blog every so often your at the risk of getting your blog hacked into. This goes for any blog, whether it be BlinkWeb or Joomla. If you want to prevent this from ever happening to your blog or site, then you have two options at your disposal to prevent this from happening.


Placing your sites URL into the Google search box with either the word(s) (1) pills (2) online gambling (3) debt consolidation, as illustrated below.

site: Pills


Just sign up on Google WebMaster Central and they'll provide you with information about possible hacks to your site.

However, be informed, though, that with option two, that Google won't always constantly warn you, of hacks, to your site. So it is best that you do both option one and two. Last and least, let's go over "Java".

Don't use a bunch of it. It is best that you have a little bit of it. May be, some place within the middle of your site. If you have it all over the place, then your definitely going to slow down how quickly your site loads up. Thus, slowing down your readers experience. Average users generally spend five seconds of their time deciding whether or not their going to stay within a particular site or not. So make their experiences a little easier by keeping the Java down.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cash Gifting: Are You Forgetting Something?

Don't think you are? Then, think again. Think long and hard about the visitors who, may have, visited your site last cycle. In fact, do a Quantcast query, of your site, to see for yourself. Now, after searching, what results do you see for your site? For a lot of you, you probably see nothing. That's because Quantcast only evaluates sites that get over two-thousand site visitors per cycle. Anything lower, you won't see diddly-squat. Yes, that's slang for nothing.

If you are new to "Gifting", and want these results, you too, have to build a rapport with those who happen to come across your site. If you want to be successful, you'll need to build relationships. With two-thousand site visitors coming to your "Cash Gifting" site, you are sure to be successful. The legal way to get this kind of traffic to your site is by way of building up strong solid relationships. EBooks can be a way of building relationships with online viewers, but it can be done in the wrong manner.

If you are familiar with Twitter, you'll note, that in the recent months, that a lot of Internet Marketers have started giving away a ton-of-free eBooks. This has become the norm, that as soon as a person follows them, an automatic free eBook link is sent over to the follower. Overall, a bad idea. EBook's are best given a little later within the process. You can only do this kind of thing with postcards and classified ads, early within the process, but you still have to maintain a relationship within your leads. Ask the write questions, as well, and you will be richly rewarded.

Your questions are arrows. If you point them the right way, then you'll get to the heart of the matter. So ask the right questions.

Here Are Some Questions To Ask Them:

• What do they do for living?

• How long have you been doing it?

• What does what you do entail?

• Has your working situation changed any?

Just go with the flow when asking these questions. You don't have to ask them these questions back-to-back. What you can do is phrase questions, in between these questions. You can use these questions on any social site that you might want to join up with. In the end, it's all about relationships.

In reference to the multiple links leading to free eBooks - because of the fact that Internet Marketing is involved within the "Cash Gifting Process" you'll also need to refrain from sending a bunch of links over to users who follow you on Twitter. You are likely to get Twitter Slapped for doing so. So only apply one or two links per every twelve posts. Do a bunch of links, whether it be for eBooks or anything else, again, you will get slapped, eventually. The same people you were building a relationship with will soon not see you because of the fact that Twitter took them away from your list.

Now how's that for nice? FaceBook has the same standards, so look out.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Best Cash Gifting Program

It is very apparent that these "Gifting Programs" are the top dawgs of the net. If you aren't up to date with "The Peoples Program" (TPP) or the "Abundant Living System" (ALS), then you will be by the time you type in the words "Cash Gifting Program" into a YouTube search box. Once you do, you will then see a multitude of videos about The Peoples Program and the Abundant Living System.

Each video is apparently different. There different because each person is from a different group. Not everyone, on the videos, know one another. These articulate individuals may, of course, make mention, of the fact, that their "Cash Gifting Program" is the best there is out there. Some are blatant about the fact that they are in both "Gifting Programs". In any case, your the boss and you get to make the choice of which one you choose to join. Before you make the choice, consider these factors about the both of them.

Factors to consider about The Peoples Program:
  • It's only residually based and does not have a 1-up option
  • There is a $50 administrative fee to give, first, before you give your Gift

Factors to consider about the Abundant Living System:
  • Offers both residual and 1-up based options
  • " "
You've probably already made your choice, based upon just these few factors, but stop. There's more to be considered. Consider, for a moment, how it is that these two Gifting Programs stay afloat.

Factors that keep TPP afloat:
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliate Programs (i.e. leads, safelists, press release software, etc.)
  • Offering you to do your marketing for you
  • Offering to do your call-backs for you

Factors that keep ALS afloat:
  • " "
  • " "
  • " "
  • " "
So is the Abundant Living System better? It is dependent upon, if a person, loves to receive lower-level Gifts or not. If you are ambitious and are only striving for the best, then your probably going to want to go with the Gifting Program that starts at the higher level.

The "Gifting" level for "The Peoples Program" starts from $150 and run's through $10,000. For the Abundant Living System, it starts at $75 and runs all-the-way through $12,000. To be honest with you, you are not going to get that many people who are willing to sign-up at the higher-levels. $150 is $75 added twice. Isn't that nice?

Besides the fact, be warned, in this one area, that you are better off doing your own marketing. Sway from paying for leads. This goes for either Gifting Program. Unfortunately, there have been some unsatisfied Gifter's, in this one arena, that it is hilarious. So, don't be a statistic. Do your own marketing because you won't be getting your money back. You know your personality type and you know yourself. So, choose ye this day which Cash Gifting Program is the "Best Cash Gifting Program".

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Want To Do Cash Gifting Full Time?

Do you want to quit your job? Do you see that very potential within a particular "Gifting Program" you recently saw off of YouTube? It's not impossible. It could happen. In fact, it's extremely easy. All you have to do is walk up to your boss and give him or her your letter of resignation and there ya go. Real simple, eh? In all seriousness, you really don't want too do that with out a plan.

Oh, the number of people who exclaim, per day, "I want to quit my job!", but can't. Do you count yourself, as a potential candidate, who maybe able to quit at any given moment to pursue this path? Are you intent on making your Gifting Program a full-time thing? Then, so be it.

You don't need a lot of help, but you do need a lot of guidance. Also, know that it will take time. What you don't want to do is quit your job, before hand. If you decide to quit your job and, for some reason, and the "Cash Gifting" activity you are apart of goes down, then you are in some steep trouble. You won't be receiving anything and you certainly won't have a happy landlord, either. So know the timing, at which, you should quit your job.

The "best time to quit your job" is when you've been consistently receiving 75% or more, per month, as compared to what your current job gave you. Focus and keep in mind that what you'll receive from your "Cash Gifting Program" will fluctuate from month-to-month. If, at some point, some of the sponsors, who supported your Cash Gifting Program", decide to leave and remove their sponsored links, then you'll need to be ready to take a little, something, extra, out of pocket, in order to do some heavy advertising for your online Gifting Program.

You may be asking, right about now, "where can I view the sponsors"? All you have to do is go to Google and type in the name of your Gifting Program into the search box. Once the results come up, look to the very far right and you will see them. You will specifically see them under the sub-heading entitled Sponsored Links. Keep in mind that the single sponsor link, found from the results, on the very top of the page from, may or may not be a sponsor of your program. It could just be one of your competitors wanting to have a one-up on you.

Some of you may have thought, as you've read through, "that my videos will get me to where I can quit my job permanently. It's all fine and well if you can do a video every single day, for 365 days straight, with good and relevant content because videos on YouTube, stay at most, one or two days in the number one spot. You'll basically have, people who loved your videos, looking around for it and not being able to find it later on because its all the way on page 20 of the search results on YouTube. So this is why you should be patient and start a blog.

So, how does blogging relate to me quitting my job you may be asking? Well, if you want consistent traffic, and consistent traffic is the only way you can quit your job and rest your feet, you need a blog. With a blog, people are always going to be able to find your videos. It doesn't even matter if your videos are located somewhere in the hundredth's place on YouTube people are going to find you. So apply some of the pain reliever you have in your cabinet and get started.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Cash Gifting? On The Look Out For Free Web Hosting?

Trying to get that "Cash Gifting" site, of yours, to where it suppose to be? You've probably thought about "free hosting", once or twice, as something, of choice, to have it running on. You may have seen some good reviews about some free hosting services, like Weebly, being reviewed online. However, before beginning the journey into the land of free hosting, here are a few things you must know about that free hosting sites, in general.

Who the best free hosting company is, out there, stands to be known. There are thousands of them out there. Some come and some go. The come-and-goes are the ones you need to be looking out for. Most hosting companies, in general, have the right to shut down their services without even notifying you of it.

"Google" once had a service referred to as Google Page Creator, which provided free web hosting, but Google discontinued it after a while. Unlike, Google, other companies charge you a fee to get a copy of your stored content back. If Google shut down its hosting services then you know that the other companies that provide free hosting services are likely to do it, as well.

What do you think happens when your hosting goes up and then down? You lose traffic to your "Gifting" site. This is something that is common with a lot of the free web hosts. You don't know, one-day-to-the-next, what will happen. So common is this issue, that even GoDaddy had the problem when they use to have free hosting services.

In the past, when GoDaddy had free hosting, you, of course, had to buy a domain name first-and-foremost in order to get the free hosting option. However, if you exceeded the bandwidth amount they allotted to you then you were likely to get your "hosting services" temporarily disconnected. Sometimes your hosting would be permanently shutoff, if you did not do something about it quickly enough to stop the flow of traffic.

When your traffic grows, expect your bandwidth to stay exactly the same. When your traffic grows, expect something to come out of your pockets. Don't pay for more bandwidth, then you will end up losing traffic that's suppose to be going to your "Cash Gifting" site. On top of that, the amount of customer support you will receive also will be limited. If your hosting goes down at 2 am in the morning, then forget it. A lot of the free hosting sites just don't offer the option of 24/7 customer service. If twenty-four hour service is being offered , then expect it to be for a limited time only.

Where the hosting company benefits is when your extended URL name is removed by the user when being typed in. For example, if your entire URL is If your name is removed, and the user just puts in, by itself, then the company gets the traffic that was suppose to go to your Cash Gifting site. Just to dumb it down, just use free hosting in order to build relationships online with others, but when it comes to your main site use paid hosting services like "iPowerWeb", instead.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

The How To On Cash Gifting Blogs, It's Mad Simple

Sounds crazy doesn't it? But it ain't. Ever wonder why some people, on YouTube, get five star ratings while others do not? Well the answer is very simple. It is because of "blogs". You may be saying Wow! right about now. If you are planning on starting in a "Cash Gifting Program", anytime soon, then it is best that you create yourself a blog.

What you want to look out for, when creating a blog, is a proper title heading. If your title stinks, then you won't get any readers. You might have some fantastic things to say on your blog, but no body will read it because the horrible title. What you want to do is go to Technorati to find good examples of title headings for your blog title. With a good title you ought to be able to create an introductory paragraph, with ease, that connects with the rest of your paragraphs.

When you are writing about Cash Gifting, it is best that you have a targeted audience in mind. If you don't have a targeted audience in mind, then your mind will wonder to-and-fro thinking about whom you should write too. Even experienced Gifter's will tell you the same thing. If you are just starting off, then you won't want to be targeting people who are highly knowledgeable. Target those, who are at your level or lower, with your blog. If you post something that's to hard for you to understand, and then people start asking you questions about it, then you will have a hard time answering them back.

Where you take the reader is also important. Keep your thoughts open and concise. If you present incomplete thoughts to them, then you are likely to lose them. Finish your ideas and get your point across. The only real way to get your point across is by brain-storming. Remember in kindergarten where they had you draw the circle in the middle and draw some ideas around it. Do the same thing with your blog posts. Just put one word in the middle, such as "Gifting Program", and put down ideas you find from Google and Yahoo! Answers around it. Get yourself engaged and you will see ideas flowing out of you like crazy.

Why do a blog before a video you may be asking? Doing a blog post will get you a targeted audience. Doing a video first will only broaden your audience. You may be asking, "what's wrong with having a broader audience"? A broader audience could bring you some trouble. You may attract people who aren't serious about joining up with you. Additionally, you may get slandered with comments, from people who just don't care, about how your video is terrible. You don't want those kinds of comments on the first page of your video on YouTube. You want thankful ones. So get a targeted audience first.

How much time it takes for you to complete a blog is dependent upon how well you know your Gifting Program? So it is always good to go over the basics. Stick with the foundational stuff, and keep relearning it. Learn everything you are given and do not neglect any of it. Spend about four to five months posting on your blog, and then you will see success with your online videos when you make them.

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