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Insightful Information About Blogs, For Gifters

If your not a "blog" user, then this just may not apply to you. However, despite this, hang around anyway. You may just get something out of this. This is especially true if your new, to the idea of "Gifting", and your thinking about joining up with a "Cash Gifting Program" sometime soon. So, sit down and take a seat (or) take a seat and sit down because, today, were going to go over "blogs" from a different angle.

Were first going to go over blogging issues that you usually won't hear about on a day-to-day basis. In following, we'll be going over things that you shouldn't be doing with blogs. If your not using a blog, do so because your losing out on a lot of focused and targeted traffic. To understand some of the other basics that surround blogs, also read "The How To On Cash Gifting Blogs" and additionally read "It's Mad Simple, Want To Do Cash Gifting Full Time?". Besides the fact, let's get things started with issues concerning blogs, shall we.

Have you ever in your life heard of anything referred to as a 404 error? Well, if you haven't, then it is best that we go over it, right now, so that in the future you won't be caught off guard. This applies to anyone using BlogSpot,,, Joomla, Drupal, BlinkWeb, and any other (CMS) providers that allow you to create content and then post it onto the web.

Okay, let's begin with what a "404 error message" is. Basically, put, it's an error that occurs when something, off of your site, goes missing. You don't want to see one of these after you've worked so many hours upon your site. If your accustomed to changing and renaming things within your blog site, chances are, you may encounter one of these errors. If, by chance, you do, then you'll need to send off a (302 redirect) in order to resolve this problem. Just send off a quick e-mail to whom ever your (CMS) Content Management System provider is, and ask them to send you information on how to perform a (302 redirect). Now, onto issue number two, which is Malware.

Malware, in a majority of cases, is something, that's usually associated with PC based issues such as viruses and the like. However, because Malware is a software based issue, blogs are also effected, individually. If you've ever heard of a plugin referred to by the name of BlogLinker, don't use it. It's Malware software. It'll affect any blog that it happens to be connected too. It's so bad that a lot of BlogSpot users have gotten their sites banned by Google for using it as a plug in.

Additionally, if your friends site has it, unlink from them as quickly as possible because your at risk. Fortunately, Google, being the nice company that it is has decided to give anyone who has taken this approach a chance. Just go to Bloggers Help Forum and this issue should be resolved relatively easily. All BlogLinker does is drive traffic to your site very quickly. Now, onto the issue of traffic exchanges.

Shame on you, if your using it. Sorry for being so blunt but it's the truth. First, off, your traffic is un-targeted and, second of all, your getting a bunch of un-interested people coming over to your blog site. If you ever want anyone coming over to your site, who are truly interested in joining up with your Cash Gifting Program, your going to have to get targeted traffic. Your not going to get that with traffic exchanges. On top of that, your going to get rammed down by Google for doing so. So refrain from using any sort of traffic exchange techniques, period. Now, onto hack issues.

Hacks are somewhat common among blogs that don't get updated, periodically. If you only update your blog every so often your at the risk of getting your blog hacked into. This goes for any blog, whether it be BlinkWeb or Joomla. If you want to prevent this from ever happening to your blog or site, then you have two options at your disposal to prevent this from happening.


Placing your sites URL into the Google search box with either the word(s) (1) pills (2) online gambling (3) debt consolidation, as illustrated below.

site: Pills


Just sign up on Google WebMaster Central and they'll provide you with information about possible hacks to your site.

However, be informed, though, that with option two, that Google won't always constantly warn you, of hacks, to your site. So it is best that you do both option one and two. Last and least, let's go over "Java".

Don't use a bunch of it. It is best that you have a little bit of it. May be, some place within the middle of your site. If you have it all over the place, then your definitely going to slow down how quickly your site loads up. Thus, slowing down your readers experience. Average users generally spend five seconds of their time deciding whether or not their going to stay within a particular site or not. So make their experiences a little easier by keeping the Java down.

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