Friday, March 13, 2009

Unemployment Rate

These "Unemployment" statistics based upon the Bureau of Labor Statistics findings.

US unemployment seems to be going up instead of going down. Some of the highest unemployment rates are in the popular states that produce material goods for us as a nation.

The highest unemployment state is the state of Michigan. Almost reminiscent of the time when many lost their jobs at GM in Flint Michigan in the 90s is the number of people currently going to their unemployment office. If some of them qualify for unemployment that is yet too be known. Michigan unemployment is listed currently at 11.6%.

Oregon a state that is considered when it comes to making lots of paper because of the high amounts of timber that they have is fifth in unemployment. "Oregon unemployment" is at 9.9% currently. For Oregon folks seeking to file for unemployment go to "". Nevada, not some much a producer of goods, but rather an attractions spot, is in seventh place as far as unemployment goes. Nevada unemployment is ranked at 9.4%. Hopefully, the "unemployment benefits" start to come in there because they heavily rely upon the tourist industry as a source of revenue.

Ohio, a state well known for being a maker of rubber, is tenth for the high number of people filing unemployment. "Ohio unemployment" is at 8.8%. As of the time of this post the unemployment rate in the US is likely to stay steady.

If you are in trouble financially, "file for unemployment". To apply for unemployment go online. Once online look for your state governments website via a popular search engine. Once on their site, search for the words unemployment extension. Once found, read the instructions for applying. With all of this done, you are on your way.

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