Friday, June 26, 2009

Cash Gifting: What's Wrong?

Need a little bit of a motivator? Not a self starter? Then, your definitely in the right place. If you've read every self-help book out there and you still aren't motivated to do a thing for your "Cash Gifting Program", then your in the right place. Whether you continue to read this or not is up to you but be warned this'll be some good stuff. What you'll read, today, can only be described as dynamic. So, be braced for some high impact, ground breaking, information that'll keep you motivated for years to come.

From a scale of 1 through 10, how well do you really know yourself? 1, being not so well, 5 being somewhat well, and 10, being extremely well. Only you know what this answer is. However, it is best that you be somewhere in between the 7 and 10 range. If your any lower than a 7, then chances are that your an ever-moving roller coaster always in constant motion going up and down where ever the wind blows. Knowing who you are involves understanding your strengths, as well, as your weaknesses. This is were a composition book would come in handy. On one side, list your weaknesses and on the other, list your strengths. Do this on a consistent basis for up too two years.

For some of you out there this may be too long of an objective to accomplish for yourself, in hindsight, but don't think of it as such. Just think of it as getting an associates degree in SELF. There's something about two years that just cannot be explained, but just take heed that it works. It may not seem relevant at this very moment, but it definitely is. Any, well meaning, Gifter, out there, will tell you, near, the same thing. Since, were still on the topic of writing things down, let's talk about writing things your thankful about.

Recently there was a video online. It could have been on Qik or YouTube. However, this video was of an individual Gifter. This individual Gifter was in a Cash Gifting Program of his own. In this video he was showing off all of the cash he had received via the mail. His video seemed the same as the other videos of Gifters showing off their Cash Gifts, via their mini-cameras, but the one sad part about it was that this person just didn't seemed thankful for what they already had. Today, be encouraged to write down, what it is, that you are thankful about because it's the un-thankful people, out there, who give "Cash Gifting" a bad name and reputation. Now, let's calm down and gain our focus before we go all out crazy.

Focus... Focus... Now, breathe a little. Now, let's get back on the topic of motivation in terms of how it relates to focusing. Focusing, if you haven't thought about it causes a lot of things to go the right way. Without focus you lose your purpose. Without purpose you lose your motivation. Are you involved in more then one niche? Are you trying to focus on your Cash Gifting Program, while at the same time trying to focus on another program? Well, to put it bluntly, if your not motivated this may well be one of the reasons why. So keep things simple, and focus on one program and you shall have good success.

How many of you, out there, have past successes that you'll never-ever forget about till this day? There is a good chance that all of you do. Well, are you reflecting upon them all? Specifically, your not in the "wish mode" wishing, but your in the "reflecting mode" thinking about how it is that you won those battles individually to attain your victories. You won't find "ways to succeed in Cash Gifting" unless your constantly reflecting upon what you have had success with in the past. It's ignorance not to do so.

Ignorance also plays a role in why some people aren't motivated enough to do things within their "Gifting Programs" as they should. Ignorance, just means, that you just don't know. Your in the cold while there's a lit fire going on, someplace, somewhere, and you just don't know how to find it because of the lack of information regarding where you are. This is where a map would come in good and handy. In parallel, its your lack of knowledge concerning Internet Marketing that's keeping you down. Get the basics down. Stop being individualistic and get someone who'll will teach you the basics of Internet Marketing. The "Cash Gifting Process" is a fun one, but when done in ignorance it can get anyone down.

Till the next grasshopper, I'll be jumping out of here.

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