Friday, July 31, 2009

The How To On Cash Gifting Blogs, It's Mad Simple

Sounds crazy doesn't it? But it ain't. Ever wonder why some people, on YouTube, get five star ratings while others do not? Well the answer is very simple. It is because of "blogs". You may be saying Wow! right about now. If you are planning on starting in a "Cash Gifting Program", anytime soon, then it is best that you create yourself a blog.

What you want to look out for, when creating a blog, is a proper title heading. If your title stinks, then you won't get any readers. You might have some fantastic things to say on your blog, but no body will read it because the horrible title. What you want to do is go to Technorati to find good examples of title headings for your blog title. With a good title you ought to be able to create an introductory paragraph, with ease, that connects with the rest of your paragraphs.

When you are writing about Cash Gifting, it is best that you have a targeted audience in mind. If you don't have a targeted audience in mind, then your mind will wonder to-and-fro thinking about whom you should write too. Even experienced Gifter's will tell you the same thing. If you are just starting off, then you won't want to be targeting people who are highly knowledgeable. Target those, who are at your level or lower, with your blog. If you post something that's to hard for you to understand, and then people start asking you questions about it, then you will have a hard time answering them back.

Where you take the reader is also important. Keep your thoughts open and concise. If you present incomplete thoughts to them, then you are likely to lose them. Finish your ideas and get your point across. The only real way to get your point across is by brain-storming. Remember in kindergarten where they had you draw the circle in the middle and draw some ideas around it. Do the same thing with your blog posts. Just put one word in the middle, such as "Gifting Program", and put down ideas you find from Google and Yahoo! Answers around it. Get yourself engaged and you will see ideas flowing out of you like crazy.

Why do a blog before a video you may be asking? Doing a blog post will get you a targeted audience. Doing a video first will only broaden your audience. You may be asking, "what's wrong with having a broader audience"? A broader audience could bring you some trouble. You may attract people who aren't serious about joining up with you. Additionally, you may get slandered with comments, from people who just don't care, about how your video is terrible. You don't want those kinds of comments on the first page of your video on YouTube. You want thankful ones. So get a targeted audience first.

How much time it takes for you to complete a blog is dependent upon how well you know your Gifting Program? So it is always good to go over the basics. Stick with the foundational stuff, and keep relearning it. Learn everything you are given and do not neglect any of it. Spend about four to five months posting on your blog, and then you will see success with your online videos when you make them.

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