Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Cash Gifting? On The Look Out For Free Web Hosting?

Trying to get that "Cash Gifting" site, of yours, to where it suppose to be? You've probably thought about "free hosting", once or twice, as something, of choice, to have it running on. You may have seen some good reviews about some free hosting services, like Weebly, being reviewed online. However, before beginning the journey into the land of free hosting, here are a few things you must know about that free hosting sites, in general.

Who the best free hosting company is, out there, stands to be known. There are thousands of them out there. Some come and some go. The come-and-goes are the ones you need to be looking out for. Most hosting companies, in general, have the right to shut down their services without even notifying you of it.

"Google" once had a service referred to as Google Page Creator, which provided free web hosting, but Google discontinued it after a while. Unlike, Google, other companies charge you a fee to get a copy of your stored content back. If Google shut down its hosting services then you know that the other companies that provide free hosting services are likely to do it, as well.

What do you think happens when your hosting goes up and then down? You lose traffic to your "Gifting" site. This is something that is common with a lot of the free web hosts. You don't know, one-day-to-the-next, what will happen. So common is this issue, that even GoDaddy had the problem when they use to have free hosting services.

In the past, when GoDaddy had free hosting, you, of course, had to buy a domain name first-and-foremost in order to get the free hosting option. However, if you exceeded the bandwidth amount they allotted to you then you were likely to get your "hosting services" temporarily disconnected. Sometimes your hosting would be permanently shutoff, if you did not do something about it quickly enough to stop the flow of traffic.

When your traffic grows, expect your bandwidth to stay exactly the same. When your traffic grows, expect something to come out of your pockets. Don't pay for more bandwidth, then you will end up losing traffic that's suppose to be going to your "Cash Gifting" site. On top of that, the amount of customer support you will receive also will be limited. If your hosting goes down at 2 am in the morning, then forget it. A lot of the free hosting sites just don't offer the option of 24/7 customer service. If twenty-four hour service is being offered , then expect it to be for a limited time only.

Where the hosting company benefits is when your extended URL name is removed by the user when being typed in. For example, if your entire URL is If your name is removed, and the user just puts in, by itself, then the company gets the traffic that was suppose to go to your Cash Gifting site. Just to dumb it down, just use free hosting in order to build relationships online with others, but when it comes to your main site use paid hosting services like "iPowerWeb", instead.

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