Monday, August 17, 2009

The Best Cash Gifting Program

It is very apparent that these "Gifting Programs" are the top dawgs of the net. If you aren't up to date with "The Peoples Program" (TPP) or the "Abundant Living System" (ALS), then you will be by the time you type in the words "Cash Gifting Program" into a YouTube search box. Once you do, you will then see a multitude of videos about The Peoples Program and the Abundant Living System.

Each video is apparently different. There different because each person is from a different group. Not everyone, on the videos, know one another. These articulate individuals may, of course, make mention, of the fact, that their "Cash Gifting Program" is the best there is out there. Some are blatant about the fact that they are in both "Gifting Programs". In any case, your the boss and you get to make the choice of which one you choose to join. Before you make the choice, consider these factors about the both of them.

Factors to consider about The Peoples Program:
  • It's only residually based and does not have a 1-up option
  • There is a $50 administrative fee to give, first, before you give your Gift

Factors to consider about the Abundant Living System:
  • Offers both residual and 1-up based options
  • " "
You've probably already made your choice, based upon just these few factors, but stop. There's more to be considered. Consider, for a moment, how it is that these two Gifting Programs stay afloat.

Factors that keep TPP afloat:
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliate Programs (i.e. leads, safelists, press release software, etc.)
  • Offering you to do your marketing for you
  • Offering to do your call-backs for you

Factors that keep ALS afloat:
  • " "
  • " "
  • " "
  • " "
So is the Abundant Living System better? It is dependent upon, if a person, loves to receive lower-level Gifts or not. If you are ambitious and are only striving for the best, then your probably going to want to go with the Gifting Program that starts at the higher level.

The "Gifting" level for "The Peoples Program" starts from $150 and run's through $10,000. For the Abundant Living System, it starts at $75 and runs all-the-way through $12,000. To be honest with you, you are not going to get that many people who are willing to sign-up at the higher-levels. $150 is $75 added twice. Isn't that nice?

Besides the fact, be warned, in this one area, that you are better off doing your own marketing. Sway from paying for leads. This goes for either Gifting Program. Unfortunately, there have been some unsatisfied Gifter's, in this one arena, that it is hilarious. So, don't be a statistic. Do your own marketing because you won't be getting your money back. You know your personality type and you know yourself. So, choose ye this day which Cash Gifting Program is the "Best Cash Gifting Program".

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