Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cash Gifting: Are You Forgetting Something?

Don't think you are? Then, think again. Think long and hard about the visitors who, may have, visited your site last cycle. In fact, do a Quantcast query, of your site, to see for yourself. Now, after searching, what results do you see for your site? For a lot of you, you probably see nothing. That's because Quantcast only evaluates sites that get over two-thousand site visitors per cycle. Anything lower, you won't see diddly-squat. Yes, that's slang for nothing.

If you are new to "Gifting", and want these results, you too, have to build a rapport with those who happen to come across your site. If you want to be successful, you'll need to build relationships. With two-thousand site visitors coming to your "Cash Gifting" site, you are sure to be successful. The legal way to get this kind of traffic to your site is by way of building up strong solid relationships. EBooks can be a way of building relationships with online viewers, but it can be done in the wrong manner.

If you are familiar with Twitter, you'll note, that in the recent months, that a lot of Internet Marketers have started giving away a ton-of-free eBooks. This has become the norm, that as soon as a person follows them, an automatic free eBook link is sent over to the follower. Overall, a bad idea. EBook's are best given a little later within the process. You can only do this kind of thing with postcards and classified ads, early within the process, but you still have to maintain a relationship within your leads. Ask the write questions, as well, and you will be richly rewarded.

Your questions are arrows. If you point them the right way, then you'll get to the heart of the matter. So ask the right questions.

Here Are Some Questions To Ask Them:

• What do they do for living?

• How long have you been doing it?

• What does what you do entail?

• Has your working situation changed any?

Just go with the flow when asking these questions. You don't have to ask them these questions back-to-back. What you can do is phrase questions, in between these questions. You can use these questions on any social site that you might want to join up with. In the end, it's all about relationships.

In reference to the multiple links leading to free eBooks - because of the fact that Internet Marketing is involved within the "Cash Gifting Process" you'll also need to refrain from sending a bunch of links over to users who follow you on Twitter. You are likely to get Twitter Slapped for doing so. So only apply one or two links per every twelve posts. Do a bunch of links, whether it be for eBooks or anything else, again, you will get slapped, eventually. The same people you were building a relationship with will soon not see you because of the fact that Twitter took them away from your list.

Now how's that for nice? FaceBook has the same standards, so look out.

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